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Dr. Monique Brown-Faust, PhD, LMHC, MCAP, SAP


Dr. Brown-Faust is the CEO of Integrated Healthcare Systems, a primary health and behavioral healthcare practice. She is a licensed mental health counselor, master certified addiction professional from the Florida Board of Certifications, and a certified addictionologist from America College of Addictions and Compulsive Disorders. She is also affiliated with the Palm Beach County Behavioral Health Association, Palm Beach County Continuum of Care, and Nonprofit First Association. She earned her PhD and Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from Walden University, and her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University. Her pro-social activities include playing cards and most outdoor activities. Dr. Brown-Faust joined the PoP Board in 2023. 


Christine Handy, Vice President

Ms. Handy is a model, writer, and motivational speaker. She is the author of Walk Beside Me, a story of hope, faith, friendship, hardship, and taking a closer look at what truly matters in life. She is affiliated with the Lotus House Women’s Shelter and EBeauty. She earned her Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Harvard University and Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Southern Methodist University. Her pro-social activities include reading, writing, walking, biking, and playing tennis. Ms. Handy joined the PoP Board in 2020 and is a founding member. 


Arlene Ustin, Second Vice President

Ms. Ustin is affiliated with the League of Women Voters - PBC Chapter and is the Vice President of the Florida National Organization for Women. She co-founded or served on several issue-based entities, including Committee Against Gun Violence, Partner Organizations Against Sex Trafficking, and the Haitian American Culture Collaborative. She earned her Master’s Degree in Education and Public Health from UC Berkeley and her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from Hunter College. Her pro-social activities include watching films, making peace dolls, being in nature, reading, and writing. Ms. Ustin joined the PoP Board in 2020 and is a founding member.


Domenick Macri, Treasurer

Mr. Macri is the CEO of Macri Associates Consulting, a business consulting firm. He has served on various boards, including the President of the Families First of PBC Foundation, Vita Nova, Suits for Seniors, and Pink Queen Foundation. He earned his MBA from Goldey-Beacom College, Master’s Degree in Taxation and Estate Planning from Villanova University, and Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from La Salle University. His pro-social activities include golfing, fishing, and watching the Philadelphia Eagles. Mr. Macri joined the PoP Board in 2023. 


Sarah Phillips, Secretary

Ms. Phillips is a leader in the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America organization. She currently leads the Community Gun Violence Prevention campaign for the PBC Chapter. She has experience in community organizing and political action at the state and local levels. Before relocating to Florida, she worked in public relations and marketing in the field of architecture and interior design in New York City. Her pro-social activities include painting, cleaning, and working out. Ms. Phillips joined the PoP Board in 2021.


Marilyn Freeman, Board Member

Ms. Freeman is the Officer Manager at Rebel Recovery, a nonprofit organization that provides recovery support services, education, and advocacy to people impacted by drug use and those living with or at risk of infectious diseases. She is a reentry advocate and has experience with family members who were convicted of crimes. She helps organize PoP events and supports meaningful changes that will improve the criminal justice system. Her pro-social activities include pickleball and online shopping. Ms. Freeman joined the PoP Board in 2020 and is a founding member. 


Tarcel King, Board Member

Ms. King is a reentry case manager at The Lord’s Place. She has her own experience with incarceration and is committed to improving the reentry system while inspiring the next person coming out of incarceration. She owns Mop & Glow Cleaning Services, a local cleaning business. She is also a DUI Instructor in Broward County and is affiliated with the PBC reentry faith-based committee and the Koinania Worship Center. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Walden University and Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. Her pro-social activities include reading, researching, walking in the park with her dogs, fishing, and going to the beach. Ms. King joined the PoP Board in 2023.  


Mark Schneider, Board Member

Mr. Schneider served for many years as the President of the PBC Chapter of the ACLU of Florida and received the chapter’s Harriette Glasner award for outstanding contribution to civil liberties. He also served on the Florida ACLU State Board of Directors, as Vice President of the Colorado Springs Chapter of the Colorado ACLU, and as Secretary, Vice President, and President of the Southern Illinois Chapter of the Illinois ACLU. He is also affiliated with the Speaker’s Bureau of the League of Women Voters, its Voting Rights Coalition, and is a Professor Emeritus from Southern Illinois University. He received his doctorate in Sociology from Yale University and taught at Princeton and the University of Michigan. His pro-social activities include swimming, going to the gym, cooking, and reading. Mr. Schneider joined the PoP Board in 2020 and is a founding member. 


As of May 2024, there are three vacant positions on the People of Purpose Board.

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